Saturday, May 14, 2022

Saturday May 14th

 Sun is shining, birds are singing and as my beloved said to me in a note this morning,"those dark places have been replaced with color and light."

Lots of new work- small pieces and some on paper and a major breakthrough for me- watercolors.

Let's have a look, shall we?

11"x14" Canson paper with watercolors and graphite. I had so much fun discovering all the possibilities of watercolor. They used to scare me- I thought they were unforgiving and required skills I didn't have. Turns out I did have them.

Same dims and materials. "Young Werther"- my continuing homage to Goethe.

I've have been working on this for several months. I do a little, wipe it off etc etc. I've gessoed the background which had a watered down blue acrylic background. It's a 36"x48" canvas and I'm confident that in time, the painting will tell me what it wants to be.

Monday, May 9, 2022

Monday May 9th

 Many, many thanks to Ruth Koomler and her fabulous new gallery in Fort Wayne, IN (1107 Broadway) for showing some of my work. Below is a great image of "Imogene At The Beach" with me on the right and my favorite patron, Alex Leavell.

Some new work as I prepare for two upcoming events. The Decatur Sculpture Tour returns to our fine city June 10th. Lulu and I will be hosting an Open House at LaughingCat Gallery + Studios 222 North 2nd Street, Decatur that weekend.  And we will be participating in the  Adams/Wells County Studio Tours on Saturday Oct.1st. I'll have work on paper for sale including a fun set of original artwork on postcards.

New work in advance of both events below:

"Alcohol Ink Color Study in Red #1"- 16"x20" canvas pad and custom alcohol inks & printing ink.

                                            "Alcohol Ink Color Study #2" 16"x20" canvas pad &custom alcohol inks

                                "Atom Heart Mother"- 7"x9" alcohol inks.

As always, thanks for looking/seeing!