Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Tuesday, Oct.18th, 2022

 When it rains it pours but in our case here in Indiana, time to scrape the windshields in the morning- as Ned Stark was fond of saying, "Winter is Coming..." Two images and some verbiage to share my work process (what a fucked up overused word but my  internal thesaurus is on strike).

This is what I call a first draft (once a writer...)- it's on a 48"x60" canvas that has 3 or 4 paintings under neath it. My instinct was to use acrylic gesso and realized that was a non-starter as they were orignally oil and so there is a white oil primer (3 coats) and this is the first iteration:

I identify as a Color Field painter for many reasons but have been moving toward representational forms that are "morphic" in feel and the shapes are iconic, for me, and found in my expereince of nature. I also seek balance with these forms and weight. As a stand alone piece, I find this to have too much white space and the overall feel is decorative. I accept that some may find this construct, pleasing. I reject "pleasing." It contributes nothing to the "conversation." Nice is not something I want nor need to hear. Continuing on the theme explored on an earlier piece ("Lucky Eleven") of presenting colors and forms in motions and balance (or inbalance as is the case with that piece). After completing this stage, I knew I wanted to challenge myself and the viewer see color as an expressive and kinetic process, as it is in nature. I offer this in evidence:

The essence remains but the "process'(fuck) reveals the hand and intent and my reveal of "punkness." In a banal sense, it's the rejection of beauty as an ideal and my belief that that construct is false and not my Art. I hope to create discomfort and misalignment in the hope that a new viewpoint may emerge. Abstract Art is representational. The artist knows it and hopes that in sharing it, s/he can challenge the viewer in ascertaining it. For me, those shapes/forms and colors are in complete harmony( see first image) but my experience is that harmony is messy, dirty and not what we think it looks like. Thank you.

Tues. Oct. 18, 2022

 As Sandy Denny sang so poignantly, "Who knows where the time goes...." been a while but then that's the nature of this plog...easy come easy go. Lot's to unpack with some new work...let's go to the monitor, Sally...

17"x19" rayon bookbinding paper with oil sticks and oil pastels. "Looking for Clues."

9"x12" watercolor paper & oil pastels. "Bowl of Fruit."

12"x18" Canson watercolor paper and Sennelier oil pastel sticks. "Jacobs Harp."

48"x48" unprimed canvas with thinned oil paint. "Eyes Of The Universe."

18"x24" Canson watercolor paper with Sennelier oil sticks and graphite. "The Ram."

60"x65" raw linen hand primed /acrylics. "Pink Moon."

18"x24" Canson watercolor paper with Dynaflo fabric paint/graphite/India ink/oil pastels. 

"A Banana, A Grape and A Bluebird in  Repose."