Friday, October 30, 2020

October 30th

 As we march toward our collective destiny on Tuesday, let us pause to measure our role, whether passive or active, in defining who we are as a People.

New work below. 30"x40" canvas oil paint and palate knife. "Vincent."

If you zoom in , you can see the lovely textures and interplay of pigments mixing. Enjoy and thanks!

Sunday, October 11, 2020

Sunday Oct.11th

 Having the new work table (Thanks Coach Hunter!) allows me to work comfortably with oversized paper stock. One of my favorite is the Strathmore Watercolor paper  22'x30"which is a great size- a bitch to matte and frame but is impressive when done. Below are two new pieces using the paper and acrylics. Enjoy!

"Neptune" 22"x30" Strathmore Watercolor paper-acrylics

"Mars" dims and media as above. 23 days and counting!

Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Wed. Oct.7, 2020

 Been playing with a variety of mediums and surfaces and have also returned to some easel work. Fly with the angels my dearly departed sister-in-law Maryanne.

"Tibetan Prayer Flags"- 36"x48" canvas acrylic and oils.

                                                 "Tibetan Flags #2" 18"x24" canvas enamel paint, gesso and bee's wax

                            "Lulu's Color Blocks" 18"x24" Strathmore oil paper. Acrylic blackboard paint base with 

                            chalk pastels, oil pastels and bee's wax scrapped.

    "Kandinsky's Waltz" 19 1/2"x 25 1/2" gray Sennelier Pastel paper. Chalk pastels and oil pastel              markings.

Thanks for looking and vote the madmen out of office!