Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Wed. Oct.16th

Had t o do this as two posts- software is not playing nice with me today...just a couple of more images.

This is also with casein paint and some new silicon tools. Strathmore paper but a bit larger:

Really enjoy playing with primary colors.

This is from a recent show with Lulu's wonderful piece hanging next to a couple of my works.

And finally, a work in process- it's based on a photo of Oliver Lake later that same evening. 3x4 oil/acrylic

I've become a bloody landscape painter, like my beloved Billy Turner.

Wed. Oct. 16th- been a while...I get this sense that as I age, time truly does slip away. I've got some new images to share.  Let's start with a piece that has taken quite a bit of time- "Oliver Lake"
 "Oliver Lake" 3ft x 4ft Oil/Acrylic

This is from a photo that was taken at Lulu's family's lake house where my step-son Nicholas proposed to his fiancĂ©,  Francesca.

This is a sweet piece- working with a new paint medium for me, casein paint on Strathmore paper
12in x 16in.