Wednesday, November 16, 2022

November 16th 2022

 So, to continuing the pissing into the wind and the ether and asking the koan of one hand clapping and if there's no one to hear a tree falling yadda yadda... I continue..Painting (not pictures!) is an insanely isolated process- you-paint-canvas-notion-objective-intent...por moi, it's become simple...what's the question ,what's the response. Painting, for me is a s Socratic process- query- response...objective achieved or not. Samuel Beckett said it best: "Fail Better!" which I will explore by responding. Todays offering is a 48"x 60" canvas paint over of a failure. The undercoat is yellow oil enamel with oil sticks and charcoals. Titled "Possession in Great Measure." Which is hexagram nunber 14 in the sacred Confucian text,  I Ching. There are 14 object des art. Mediums are oil sticks and charcoal and like Robert Frost, I refuse to...explain..

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